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We've Got Your Stucco, Sonoma County! Here's Why…

We have completed hundreds of stucco projects on homes and buildings in Sonoma County, Marin County, Napa County and San Francisco. So what is stucco, and why choose it?

Stucco is a material made of an aggregate (sand), a cement binder and water. It is applied wet and, after hardening, becomes a dense solid surface that's ideal for home or building exteriors.

Stucco is applied over a mesh lath (think of a plastic or metal screen attached to the wood framing), after which it hardens. Like any cement product, stucco can crack. However, modern stucco is mixed with various additives, including fibers and synthetic acrylics, for added strength and flexibility.

Why StuccoWe provide Napa County stucco contractor services as well as Sonoma County.

Stucco is one of the versatile and durable exterior building materials, and it has been used for centuries by many civilizations around the world. It works well by itself, can take on any color and makes a perfect companion to most other building materials, including wood, stone, brick, glass and more. Some stucco is premixed with its own pigmentation, while other stucco must be painted after applying to achieve the desired color.

What We Do with Stucco

At McClure's Plastering by Design, we do stucco work on new construction projects as well as remodels and repairs. We specialize in all aspects of dry rot water damage, and resurface old cracked walls to make them look like new.

We let you choose from a wide range of textures, from smooth to sand to rough skip, and choose virtually any color under the rainbow to bring your vision to reality.

We use high-quality products, including Sto, Drivit and LaHabra. These products contain the most acrylic, meaning the stucco applies more easily, bridges the hairline cracks on the brown coat and lasts longer.

First, we apply a scratch (cementitious base) coat and brown coat-typically done with 48 hours between coats. After this, the surface gets painted or topped with a finish coat that has color already added. This 2-coat or 3-coat system makes for a higher quality look and greater durability.

Best of all, we use corrosion-resistant materials and make sure your structure is water tight. Our best practices, carried out by skilled workers, ensure that you get the quality stucco job you expect.

Stucco is versatile, naturally insulating, lasts for many years and is east to maintain and repair.

McClure’s has completed hundreds of stucco projects throughout Sonoma County, Marin County and Napa County.

Sonoma County stucco contractor serves Marin County and Napa County, too.

Benefits of Stucco

Its many benefits include:

What is Lath, Anyway?

Stucco is not simply slathered onto wood. It wouldn't stick, and would easily crack and slide off after drying when even a small pressure is applied. That's why stucco contractors use lath, which is a metal or plastic screen or mesh that's nailed over the surface to be stuccoed.

At McClure's, we use only corrosion-resistant or plastic lath, preferably a heavier grade Forbafiber. This does a better job and helps prevent leaks. Other stucco contractors sometimes use lighter grade materials, since they will pass inspection, but we insist on using the best lath for the job.